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Name and contact details is a community effort. You can find more information about us, and our contact, details here.

How we process data

The public keyserver running on processes, stores, and distributes OpenPGP certificate data. The specific way in which data is processed differs by type as follows:

Data is never relayed to third parties outside of what is available from the public API interfaces, and what is described in this policy and on our about page.

This service is available on the Internet, so anyone, anywhere in the world, can access it and retrieve data from it.

Retention periods

We will retain your email address linked with your OpenPGP certificates until you remove it. We will remove your Public Key Data if you wish, but note that anyone can re-upload it to the service, in keeping with the “public” nature of this key material.

All incoming requests are logged for a period of 30 days, and only used as necessary for operation of the service. IP addresses are anonymized for storage.

Your rights

You can withdraw consent to the processing of your email address at any time, or erase your email addresses, using the “manage“ tool.

You can obtain access to the personal data we process about you by viewing your OpenPGP certificates, or searching for your certificates using your email addresses, using this service.

You can delete your OpenPGP certificates by emailing support at keys dot openpgp dot org, but note that anyone can upload them again. If you object to having your certificate re-uploaded, email support at keys dot openpgp dot org and we will banlist your keys.

To exercise the right of portability, you can download your OpenPGP certificate using this service.

If you are in the EEA or UK, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, such as your local data protection authority.

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